What a farceonly F1 could shoot itself in the foot like this
Espn.com - Tue 11 Jun 11:06 GMT

The finish to the Canadian Grand Prix should have been legendary. Instead, F1 served up another dismal farce, which will only strengthen the disillusion around the state of modern Formula One.

What a farceonly F1 could shoot itself in the foot like this

  That race should have been one for the ages -- Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, the two greatest drivers of the modern era, battling flat-out for a victory at one of the best race circuit's on the F1 calendar.

  Vettel's theatrical display in parc ferme afterward -- swapping the No. 1 sign in front of Hamilton's car for the No. 2 sign -- was a moment of light relief on what will otherwise be an afternoon F1 will want to forget about in a hurry.

  Vettel and Hamilton both showed each other an admirable amount of respect after the race, and the Ferrari driver was quick to defend the man who inherited his win from the chorus of boos: "People shouldn't boo at Lewis because I think he saw what was going on and I don't think there was any intention to be in his harms way.

  Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton showed each other respect after the race -- as Vettel said, his qualm wasn't with the Mercedes driver.

  More points were lost to Hamilton in the championship fight this weekend and, with a long run of races coming up, he'll be worried about the Englishman recording the sort of run of wins that have propelled him to titles in the past few seasons.