Vettel explains why he returned to Canadian GP podium - Tue 11 Jun 09:23 GMT

Sebastian Vettel did not want to join the Canadian Grand Prix podium ceremony but returned as a "matter of respect" to Mercedes and his Formula 1 teammate Charles Leclerc.

Vettel explains why he returned to Canadian GP podium

  A furious Vettel opted not to park his car in the usual area for the top-three finishers and headed straight for Ferrari's hospitality unit in the paddock, after losing his first win of the season because of a five-second time penalty for an incident with eventual race winner Lewis Hamilton.

  He returned to join Hamilton and third-place finisher Leclerc on the podium, but not before putting the second-place finishing board in front of Hamilton's car and moving the first-place board to the vacant spot in the holding area where the Ferrari should have been.

  "I think it's a matter of respect to show to Lewis and Charles and also the representative for Mercedes [Hamilton's power unit engineer Marga Torres] on the podium, to be part of the podium.

  After briefly joining Hamilton on the top step of the podium, Vettel was quick to address frustrated fans who started booing the British driver.

  At this point Vettel interrupted to say "the people shouldn't boo at Lewis", and later reiterated that he was against such behaviour. "