Seidl: F1's under-fire rulebook is what teams, drivers asked for - Tue 2 Jul 23:37 GMT

McLaren boss Andreas Seidl says teams and drivers cannot complain that there are too many rules in Formula 1 these days, because they are the ones who pushed for them in the first place.

Seidl: F1's under-fire rulebook is what teams, drivers asked for

  The controversy over a recent run of penalty decisions – which included Max Verstappen’s move on Charles Leclerc in Austria being given the all-clear – has prompted many people to suggest that F1’s rule book needs a major shake-up.

  Some believe that F1 would be better off getting rid of a lot of regulations, which would allow drivers more freedom to battle harder.

  But Seidl thinks that F1 teams and drivers have to accept the current situation, because the FIA has only introduced so many regulations because they were asked to do so.

  “For me it is a bit like the tyre discussions,” said Seidl, reflecting on the similarities between driver conduct rules and recent talks to revert F1’s tyre construction back to what it was in 2018.

  “The rules we have in place are the result of team bosses and drivers asking for these rules.

  "But there should be a strong authority from the FIA and from F1 to go the way that they think is the right one.

  “We have this unique opportunity in F1 and the FIA at the moment where we have very, very strong and experienced guys that have recent F1 experience, which is unique.