Save us Red Bull, you're our only hope… - Wed 15 May 11:51 GMT

Mercedes are enjoying a spell of dominance never seen in Formula 1, and it's clear Ferrari have too many issues to challenge. Could Red Bull?

Save us Red Bull, you're our only hope…

  Red Bull, on the other hand, have more than made up for having a slower car by nailing their strategy every race so far this season.

  The German driver and Leclerc have often claimed the other is holding them up and Ferrari have continually taken far too long to decide whether to switch them or not, meaning both lose even more time to Mercedes and Verstappen.

  Unlike Binotto and co, Horner and his team are also decisive; just look at when they replaced Kvyat with Verstappen in 2016 – it’s fair to say that worked out pretty well… Forgetting about strategy, team orders and any other off-track factors, both Ferrari drivers have made their fair share of errors this season.

  Verstappen, on the other hand, is by far the biggest reason that Red Bull are managing to fight Ferrari and is arguably the driver of the season.

  Red Bull and Verstappen are undoubtedly in much better shape than their Ferrari counterparts to take the fight to Mercedes, but simply don’t have the pace to do so yet.