MEDLAND: Why Ferrari's latest change feels different - Racer - Tue 8 Jan 01:46 GMT

MEDLAND: Why Ferrari's latest change feels different - Racer

Until recently, Formula 1 has tended to avoid the hire-and-fire approach that exists in many other sports, with stability at the top being the norm. Ferrari has been the exception. In replacing Mau…

  In replacing Maurizio Arrivabene with Mattia Binotto, Ferrari has its fourth team principal in five years.

  But while Binotto was ensuring that Ferrari was getting closer to Mercedes in terms of on-track performance in 2017 and 2018, Arrivabene was overseeing a team that was still not operating at its full potential.

  At the end of the season, he even said suggestions Binotto was unhappy and could either replace him as team principal or leave were — that old favorite term — “fake news” designed to destabilize Ferrari.

  But even so, Arrivabene would often be unreasonably difficult, as this extract from his final appearance in Abu Dhabi highlights: “Maurizio, Ferrari came close this year, statistically your best season since 2008.

  Ferrari was understandably not a happy camp toward the end of the year, partly due to its failure to take either championship to the wire, but also for some of the public criticism Arrivabene handed out.