In pictures: Behind the scenes at the Melbourne Grand Prix - Fri 15 Mar 01:47 GMT

The first race of the new Formula 1 season will be this Sunday.

In pictures: Behind the scenes at the Melbourne Grand Prix

  No, not the latest Nintendo game console but the steering wheel used in the 2018 Formula 1 season by Mercedes-AMG Petronas driver Lewis Hamilton.

  Shovlin doesn't agree with all the rule changes, but he says they keep teams on their toes - and that these days they have more logic to under F1's new owners, who he sees taking a more balanced approach to decision making.

  Another rule change for 2019 is that the weight of the car and driver are now calculated separately, and ballast will be used to compensate for smaller drivers who fall short of a minimum weight of 80kg - meaning larger (by F1 standards) drivers are no longer penalised.

  Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton certainly looked bulkier to the Herald, and an AP report from recent training in Barcelona confirms it.

  He wasn't the only F1 driver to relax the diets and beef up the body after a rule change took away an advantage for being lighter.