How Mercedes overcame its "biggest struggle" yet in Canada - Wed 12 Jun 07:07 GMT

A combination of factors saw Mercedes face its "biggest struggle" of the 2019 Formula 1 season at the Canadian Grand Prix, yet it was still able to prevail.Heading into the weekend on the back of six straight victories, the German manufacturer was wary of a r…

How Mercedes overcame its "biggest struggle" yet in Canada

  With the reigning world champion's car back on track in time for final practice on Saturday morning, there was soon to be another concern for Mercedes.

  The news was confirmed by the team just hours before lights out, leaving Mercedes facing a race against time to get the car ready for the start of the grand prix.

  Wolff revealed after the race that Mercedes had been left with serious doubts over whether Hamilton's car would be able to make the start, and then complete the 70-lap race distance.

  Hamilton, who prior to the weekend had made headlines for his comments on wanting F1 to be more physically demanding, emerged from his Mercedes looking drained as he crouched down next to his car to collect his breath - and thoughts - following an intense and emotionally-charged race both on and off the track.

  While Mercedes did not win a race outright on-track for the first time this season, and despite cracks threatening to derail its hopes, it once again emerged on top - serving as another indicator of the vast strengths that make it the successful world champion-winning juggernaut it is.