Fastest lap point could tempt F1 drivers into late risks - Thu 14 Mar 23:29 GMT

Valtteri Bottas believes someone who hold a big advantage over the driver behind will be tempted to pit and take risks to earn Formula 1's revived fastest lap bonus point.

Fastest lap point could tempt F1 drivers into late risks

  F1 has reintroduced the extra point for fastest lap that was previously awarded during the first 10 years of the world championship in 1950-59.

  A driver must finish in the top 10 to score the point, and Bottas thinks it will appeal to those who build up a big enough advantage to pit for fresh tyres without losing track position.

  Bottas scored more fastest laps than any driver in 2018 and would have bagged the point on six of those seven occasions.

  Driver reaction to the new fastest-lap point has been mixed, with some agreeing with Bottas that it could add an extra dimension to the closing stages of the race.

  Haas was the only team outside the big three to score a fastest lap in 2018, but Kevin Magnussen finished 13th so would not have picked up a point.