Esports opening doors for keen Dunedin gamer Simon Bishop - - Sat 12 Jan 02:41 GMT

Esports opening doors for keen Dunedin gamer Simon Bishop -

Dunedin gamer goes from playing in his lounge to competing to become McLaren's new Formula One simulator driver.

  Gran Turismo, and similar racing games, still have work to do before they can be mentioned in the same breath as League of Legends and Counter Strike - games which feature esport events with prize pools in excess of $1 million.

  But he quickly got used to it after touching down in Tokyo in October to compete in the Asia-Oceania finals of the Gran Turismo Sport world championships, an event hundreds of thousands of people around the globe entered.

  In an age where it's not uncommon to hear of people logging double-digit hours of screen time playing games, you'd think Bishop would be stitching together huge numbers to get to the level he's at.

  Fraga, who won the World Gran Turismo Championship in Monaco last month, is the Brazilian Formula Three champion in "real" cars, and has signed with F1's Williams Martini Racing' esports team - something he plans to utilise in order to fulfil his goal of racing in F1, or the Indycar Series.

  "South Korea particularly, games like League of Legends, it's their national sport now," Bishop said.