Electric VW breaks Heidfeld’s 20-year old Goodwood record
Motorsport.com - Sun 7 Jul 16:33 GMT

The Volkswagen ID.R electric prototype has broken the 20-year-old record set by a McLaren Formula 1 car for the fastest run up the Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb.

  The ID.R – driven by Le Mans 24 Hours winner Romain Dumas – broke the electric record at the same event last year and was just 1.45 seconds short of usurping Heidfeld’s time set in the MP4/13 in 1999.

  On Friday, Volkswagen's machine set a time of 41.18 seconds to beat the previous record of 41.6s previously held by Heidfield and McLaren.

  Sven Smeets, Volkswagen's motorsport director told Motorsport.com it was "better" that the record run was completed on Friday, adding: "We didn’t expect to do it so early, but I also don’t wish it had happened on the last run [on Sunday] because [what] if something goes wrong?

  Pushed on what time he thought the ID.R was now capable of, Dumas added: “Now I have no pressure, so that’s good.

  “The track can be a little bit dirty with cars going in front of you and so on.

  The car has already broken records at Pikes Peak and at the Nurburgring before it arrived at Goodwood for a second attempt.

  Dumas was able to celebrate his new record in person with Heidfeld at the top of hill, who had run before him in a Mahindra Formula E car.