Austrian GP: The best and worst of Formula 1 - Tue 2 Jul 20:09 GMT

After the snoozefest that was Paul Ricard, the Austrian Grand Prix needed to give us that hit of adrenaline - and it did.

Austrian GP: The best and worst of Formula 1

  As it turned out they did far more than that, with Max Verstappen’s thrilling drive through the top order and robust overtake on Charles Leclerc claiming back-to-back wins for the Dutchman and Red Bull at their own circuit.

  The best of Formula 1 in Austria… We have to start with the battle between Verstappen and Leclerc.

  These two formed the front row of the grid, the youngest one in Formula 1 history, and they delivered in the race to give fans hope of many more battles to come.

  The Dutchman was roared on to victory by his loyal army of fans, though it was a nervous wait as the stewards cleared his overtake on Leclerc where the pair banged wheels in Turn 3.

  In Austria, Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull all had different tyre philosophies and the results were plain to see.

  The worst of Formula 1 in Austria… Starting at the top, the general consensus is that the stewards got it right with the Verstappen decision – but it took far too long in coming.

  Yes, Formula 1 is different of course, the stewards hear from the drivers first before making their call, but not knowing who won the race three hours after the chequered flag waved is ridiculous.